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Get House Laid!

The House M.D. Smutathon

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Please note: This community is a ficathon community. It is not a general House comm which you can use to cross-post fic. Anything posted or cross-posted here needs to be fanfic or fanart based on one of our prompts. Thank you.

Do you ever think to yourself, you know, there just isn't nearly enough smut in the House M.D. fandom? Do you find yourself longing for hot, dirty, sweaty porn? Do you stare wistfully at your screen every Tuesday evening at 9:00, wishing for more fic and fanart with our favorite doctors naked, bent over various pieces of furniture, and/or trussed up like Christmas hams? SO DO WE! Get House Laid is a smut fest for the House fandom, open to writers and artists of all pairings, aimed at letting Greg House and his colleagues get some tail -- as graphically as possible. *g*
1. We will collect prompts until midnight EST on January 31 in our prompt collection post. Anyone can submit prompts; participation later on is not a requirement.

2. You can submit as many prompts as you like in as many comments as you like in whatever form you like. (Because we're easy!) Slash and het are both welcome (no gen, though, because this is a smut fest). As long as it involves getting these people laid, it's fair game!

In round three, we will be using the unclaimed prompts we collected in round one and two! Because there are still a whole lot of them left.

3. On August 3, a new post will be made with the masterlist of prompts, and claims will open. Prompts will be available both for stories and for art. Once a prompt has been claimed, it will be crossed off the list.

4. You may claim as many prompts as you like, but we recommend no more than two to start with, so more people can play.

5. The prompt/claims list will remain open until the fest ends, so if you finish writing or drawing your original claims, you can come back and pick up more!

6. Stories and artwork can be posted anytime between August 12 and September 15, when the fest closes. Stories should be at least 500 words. Everything should be rated R or NC-17 for the hot sexin'.

7. For help and advice on writing sex scenes, check out these links. For our round three beta master list, go here.

8. Have fun with this! If you have any questions, you can direct them to the mod via email: cryptictac[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Drawings by euclase

Header by electricshocks

Icons by electricshocks

Layout by t_eyla
ROUND ONE [08/01/07 - 09/15/07]
Mods: ignazwisdom, t_eyla

Submissions: masterlist
ROUND TWO [03/01/08 - 05/01/08]
Mods: recrudescence, t_eyla

Submissions: masterlist
ROUND THREE [08/12/08 - 09/15/08]
Mods: recrudescence, t_eyla

Submissions: masterlist