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Doing sports (House\Chase fic)

Оригинал взят у tayloz9 в Doing sports (House\Chase fic)

Working title: Doing sports
Drubble; humor & slash
R (for adult references)

'I am concerned about the balls...' House said, leaning away from Chase's mouth.
'...What?' Chase starred at him, confused.
'I mean, the balls. We are are making out right on the bowling alley, and those balls... what if one of them rolls over here suddenly, it might be painful.'
'Oh, come on.' Chase chuckled, and kissed House's neck, grabbing his shoulders.
House sighed, kissed him back. Still he was keeping an eye on the shelf of balls in the background. He was worried that if a ball really rolls here, it will be Chase's head that will be hurt.
'…They can react on our movements.' said House.
'What? Those are just bowling balls, not some gaydar.' Chase tried to sound sarcastic to impress House.
'I know. But remember the last bang we had in the lab room, the movements vibrations made the shelves with patients' charts fall.' House went on in a patronizing manner.
'What the hell are you talking about?' Chase stopped kissing him and looked at him in the eye again, now he looked more concerned and less happy.
'If you keep on pissing me off, I will...'
'… You will what? Spank me?' House interrupted with a light grin, his hands finding their way under the younger doctor's shirt.
'No. I will not come. Because I can't come when I am pissed off.' Chase said half sharply, half jokingly, moving himself closer into House's arms. 'D'you seriously think a ball can roll down here?' He said after a pause and looked back over his shoulder, facing a shelf full of multicolored bowling balls behind him. House was above him.
They both were lying on a smooth bowling alley in an empty sport club. Chase had bribed the bowling club owner to be able to rent it for a night for his and House's date. The man owed Chase for a brilliant operation of his nephew, so this was more of a reward than a bribe.
'...We can always move to comfortable arm chairs near the bar.' House smiled, 'But you like it hot, don't you, baby?'
Chased grinned at him.
'Don't call me 'baby', okay? It is embarrassing.' he chuckled and looked down, hiding his eyes with nice eye lashes.
Like House always has said, Chase had adorable hair and his lashes were not less adorable than that. He lingered a gaze for a moment on Chase's sweet face.
'What?' Chase asked with that funny and cute Australian accent of his' and looked up at him.
House said nothing back, just pressed his lips to his mouth. He felt Chase's lips opened and he slid his tongue between them.
Chase closed his eyes and grabbed his hips tight. Chase was not worried at all, he was giving himself away to the lust completely. He was with House. And he knew that as long as House was around him, nothing would hurt him.


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