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Fic; Blind date

Title; Blind date
Summary; Get House Laid prompt 038 "House/Wilson- They independently decide to explore dating men, and end up on a blind date with each other" 
Disclaimer; Don't own, don't sue.
AN; Comments are very much appreciated.

Wilson was tired. Tired of picking women up when they were down. Tired of watching said women walk away again after he’d helped them gain some strength. Tired of giving all that he had in him and having these women merely ask for more. Enough time had passed since his youthful relationships with boys for him to underplay the bad and garnish the good; leaving distorted memories of an idealised youth. Those times seemed almost like perfection; why had he ever stopped? 

Of course he had had his reasons; he had always been just as attracted to men as he had been to women, and it had just been easier to stick to women in the long run. But that had been then, and this was now. It was time for a change.

Which was why he was currently in a bar ten miles out of town waiting for a blind date who had insisted that he wear a pink and yellow polka-dot tie to identify himself.

“Oh, crap.” Wilson cursed as he saw House walk in. House grinned at him, taking the seat opposite him.

“You followed me.” Wilson said exasperated, wondering whether he could manoeuvre House out of here before his date showed up.

“And people say I’m self-centred, I’m here for a date.”

“You’ve got time for dinner; I thought you only paid for an hour.”

“You can either wear the pink and yellow polka-dot tie or come in the nude.” House mimicked what he’d said online. Wilson blanched.

“That was you?”

“Yeh, and where’s that patented panty-peeler charm I always hear about; you didn’t pull out my chair for me or anything.” House said nonchalantly, though he was beginning to feel doubtful. Setting up the blind date with Wilson had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now Wilson looked more annoyed than anything.

“Ok, you’ve had your fun; I think I’ll leave now.” Wilson said sounding upset.

“You’re here now, may as well stay for dinner.” House said disguising his hurt, who had he been kidding when he thought Wilson would go for him?  

“Fine.” Wilson said grudgingly.

“That jacket looks nice on you.” House said. A surprised Wilson stared at House, who looked like he was looking for the meaning of life in the dessert section of the menu.

“House, is this for real?” Wilson asked.

“No.” House chortled. This was a very stupid idea.


“Waiter!!” House yelled. Wilson let out a small smile, he looked House over. He wasn’t dressed like he had for his ‘date’ with Cameron or those first dates with Stacy. But then Wilson wouldn’t expect the same things that they would’ve. He also supposed the usual scruffy look was to allow House to back out of admitting anything. He wasn’t about to let that happen.

Wilson waited to speak until the waiter had walked away with their orders.

“I like what you’ve done with your hair, it’s sexy.”  Wilson whispered seductively.

“I hate you.” House deadpanned, palming a vicodin. He didn’t want to deal with Wilson teasing him over this.  

“You hate everyone.” Wilson smirked rolling his eyes. House stirred his food around his plate sullenly. Wilson took hold of his hand, and he predictably tried to pull it away, but Wilson’s grip was firm.

“Get off.” House demanded.

“Stop sulking.” Wilson replied softly, pulling one of House’s fingers into his mouth. He licked House’s finger while giving him an imploring look. House’s eyes widened.

“You sure about this?” House asked quietly.

“Yes.” Wilson spoke with cast-iron sincerity. House immediately began wolfing down his meal.

“The sooner we finish dinner, the sooner we can have dessert.”

“Wow, so cheesy.”

“What, they have banana-pancake-sundaes here.” House feigned innocence.


They were barely through the door before they began roughly pulling each others’ clothes off. House hurriedly undid Wilson’s buttons as Wilson bit House’s already bare shoulder. The frenzy of urgent kisses and harried disrobing lead to them tumbling naked into House’s bed.

At which point Wilson –who had been studiously sucking on House’s neck- seemed to suddenly realise where they were.

“Erm..What do you want to... I mean ..um.. should we...” Wilson rambled awkwardly.

“Shut up Wilson.” House growled, and proceeded to make sure Wilson did so by pulling him into a lust-filled kiss.

Wilson moaned as House slowly pushed a lube-smothered finger inside him, and he hissed as House added another finger.  House smirked, moving his head down so he could run his tongue along Wilson’s cock. Wilson gasped; bucking wildly at the sensory overload of having House’s fingers inside him and House’s mouth engulfing him. He gave a groan of mixed displeasure and relief as the fingers and mouth were removed. The fingers are soon replaced by the head of House’s throbbing cock poking at his entrance.

“Get on with it” Wilson growls as House pushes into him at a torturously slow rate. House ignores the demand; Wilson is very tightly wound and he doesn’t want to hurt him. Wilson digs his nails into House’s biceps, gritting his teeth. Eventually House is buried inside him moving back and forth with increasing pace.

“Fuck!” Wilson shouts as House hits his prostate. House grins, pulling back.

House grabs Wilson’s penis while simultaneously pushing in again. The stream of sounds Wilson lets out as he comes are completely incomprehensible.  

Tags: author: swirlsofblue, fic, pairing: house/wilson

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