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Pour Some Sugar On Me (2773 words) by MercuryandMoonlight
Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: House M.D.
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Greg House/James Wilson
Characters: Greg House, James Wilson
Additional Tags: Established Relationship, Sick!Wilson, Prompt Fic, Prompt Fill, Romance, Cooking, Date Night, Fluff, Drama, Porn With Plot, Food Kink, Food Porn

House bakes a cake for Wilson.

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So, I'm curious -

are folks still interested in doing this? There hasn't been anything posted in a while and I think that's sad.

And, I like polls. =)

Poll #1479592 interest

Are people still interested in participating?

Yes! I want to write smut!
Yes! I want to read smut!
I'm interested if other people are!
No, not interested.
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The Hilson Chronicles

Title: The Hilson Chronicles
Author: phoenixtsukino
Rating: PG-13; will be R later
Warning: Homosexuality, language, OC
Pairings: House x Wilson
Spoilers: Season 1 - Season 4
Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. or any of the characters or anything else House M.D. They all belong to David Shore and FOX Studios.

"Between you and me...we could rule the world."

Chapter 1 - Protection

My first post here. Thanks for reading!
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Dangerous Business

I´m posting this for my buddy Gr8BigNerd who hasn´t an account here. Enjoy!

Title: Dangerous Business
Author: Gr8BigNerd
Rating: Rated M for explicit threesome fun and angst...
Summary: A little OT3 House/Cuddy/Wilson oneshot I did in my not so free time...

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This one is entirely the fault of your_villainess, well, okay, and katernater too! (it's also not an 'official' part of the challenges, but I figure ya'll won't mind *g*) Evil evil enablers that they are! katernater said there needed to be a sequel to Bet You Can't, so your_villainess provided the following prompt to encourage said sequel:

follow-up challenge: Who could tease each other at work the most without getting caught by Cuddy. Cameron must help. Who ever cracks under sexual tension loses!

Admittedly, there is no actual Cuddy appearance in this fic, but one can assume she's probably around...

Title: My Turn!
Author: Highlander II
Pairing: House/Wilson, mild hints of House/Cameron and House/Cameron/Wilson
Rating: hard R, leaning toward light NC-17
Word Count: 1454
Disclaimer: Not mine, David Shore, Fox, etc. etc.
Summary: Teasing and cracked sexual tension for the win!


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